For assistance with mediation scheduling, please contact Sonia Patel Dalton at (949) 929-8932,

You may also contact Mr. Paul directly at (310) 442-7600, or by email:

Mediations are generally conducted at facilities in Century City, Downtown Los Angeles, Orange County, and throughout Southern and Northern California. If you prefer a more convenient location, we can arrange to hold the mediation session at counsel’s office or other facilities. In the Bay Area, mediations are generally conducted at facilities in Downtown San Francisco or as otherwise convenient to the parties.


Mr. Paul charges a full day rate and half day rate for all mediations.  The full day rate includes all advance preparation time (pre-mediation phone conferences and extensive review of briefs/exhibits) and up to 10 hours on the day of mediation.  The half day rate includes all advance preparation time and up to four (4) hours spent in mediation.  If the case is not resolved, Mr. Paul will typically engage in reasonable follow-up after the mediation session has concluded at no additional charge.   For half day mediations that require more time beyond four (4) hours, Mr. Paul charges an hourly rate.   Rates are available by contacting Mr. Paul’s case manager listed above.

Mediation fees are due within 7 days of scheduling the mediation hearing unless other arrangements have been made with Mr. Paul’s case manager. If a confirmed mediation is cancelled or continued in writing within 30 days of the scheduled hearing date, the entire mediation fee will be assessed, unless the time is rebooked with another matter or Mr. Paul determines the circumstances warrant a waiver of the cancellation/continuance fee.

There is no additional fee for travel time or travel costs within Southern California. For Northern California and other locations, additional fees for travel time and costs incurred will be on a case-by-case basis.

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