“Steve showed the passion and dedication that a mediator really needs to close out cases. I was truly impressed with the manner in which Steve approached the mediation. He was very flexible in the process, yet his timing was impeccable when he had to be candid to raise the awareness of the evidence for my client. I am acutely aware that he did the same with respect to the other side. At the end of the day, Steve’s efforts allowed my client to gain a more objective understanding of his case, let go of the emotional weight that he had been carrying with him for some time, and ultimately allowed him to regain some inner peace that he had lost along the way. Because of that, Steve made me look very good in front of my client. We will be working together soon.”

“Steve quickly grasped the issues and understood the merits of the case.”

“I highly commend Steve’s work in navigating a challenging negotiation involving seven-figure claims and losses, complex transactions, multiple entities and legal issues, and strong personality conflicts, to achieve a resolution that allows the parties their best opportunities to recover their losses and lives. Steve was steadfast, patient and persistent in his efforts during the extended documentation efforts and fended off several potential disruptions to the ultimate settlement of the parties’ differences.”

“From the first conversation we had prior to mediation, Mr. Paul inspired a hope of resolution and a wonderful understanding of how disputes are resolved. Litigation is contentious, but Mr. Paul was able to dispel the extreme hostility and resolve an intransigent lawsuit. ┬áHis approach was professional, conveys his experience, and he has a complete understanding of the dynamics of each party and the case.”

“Thank you so much for your efforts on this difficult case. I am certain the case would not have settled without your intervention, and I hope to work with you again soon.”

“Our company has greatly benefited from Steve’s sense of clarity, evenhandedness and problem solving ability. We have reached resolutions, in a cost effective manner that we thought would be otherwise unattainable. He has an ability to make those on both sides of an issue feel comfortable and at ease. Steve quickly understood our key issues and objectives, and achieved a settlement that addressed these objectives. I recommend him highly.”

“Mr. Paul’s approach was accommodating, he provided a relaxed atmosphere, and he used our time well. He closed the gap between the initial expectations of the parties.”

“Mr. Paul did a great job in helping us to reach settlement – his assistance was absolutely indispensable to resolving our case.”

“The case settled because of this mediator”

“Steve took time to understand the case prior to the mediation, was well prepared, and he listened. He knows the law and was able to resolve the case. I will definitely continue to work with Steve.”

“Mr. Paul was a great listener. He did everything in his power to prepare for mediation, and has amazing follow through. I highly recommend him as a mediator.”

“Steve was excellent, particularly considering the difficulty of the case. I have already recommended him to several others.”

“Steve is resolution oriented and very good with clients”

“My opponent was the epitome of a hardball negotiator, and in fact is a labor negotiator trained in the ‘old school’ tactics. This mediation could have become unpleasant at many points. However, Steve kept us on track and focused. The case settled after a very long negotiation process, and my clients are very happy with the result.”

“Steve is outstanding in all respects and I never hesitate to call on him to settle my tougher cases”.

“Thank you Steve for your impartial, fair, and firm hand. With your professional demeanor and approach, you were instrumental in helping bridge the conflicting positions.”